MERCURY CONJUNCTS VESTA ( + CIRCE ) – The Priestess Receives the Message and Begins to Heal her Womb, Be-friending the Serpent & Transforming the Cosmos (Pt. 2)

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


Blessings to All. This is an exciting energy for all those who walk the Path of the Spiritual Facilitator, in service of the Rising Feminine Principle. Thanks to a beautiful conjunction between Mercury (The Messenger), Vesta (The Priestess) and Circe (The Sexual Alchemist) at 17 Aquarius, we are collectively opening ourselves up to powerful messages that can shape the Path of Service we walk on and experience, and to begin the Healing of the Womb. As we do so, we will also need to face some of our deepest fears surrounding the Power of the Womb and its Vulnerabilities.

Basically – It’s an excellent time to work with facilitators you trust, who can receive cosmic information as clear channels. Many of you will be ‘turning a corner’ in your own emergence as Priestesses, Priests, Shamans, Shamankas, Healers, etc.

I’m going to links to a few meditations and make a few…

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THE SUN AND JUPITER FACE THE SHADOW (with Ceto, Atlantis, Lilith, Apophis, Icarus, and others)

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Sun jupiter face shadow

What an exciting time this is! Jupiter is at the closest point to the Earth that it will be between now and 2019 – and we’re about to have the Sun-Jupiter opposition in a few hours’ time. Something celestial is cooking, and it seems to open the floodgates of abundance and a sense of fierce, childlike joy – but not without substantial shadow-working! This particular Jupiter-Sun opposition makes significant aspects to several asteroids and other astrological bodies – and that radically alters the tone of the energy experienced. It doesn’t work in the usual ways that one might expect. (Hence why some of us are jumping up and down for joy, and others seem a little more glum, sometimes alternating between the two!) First let’s talk about the Jupiter and the Sun, then we’ll get to the asteroids.

The Sun opposes Jupiter at 17 Aqu-Leo ’38 at 2:20 am, Feb…

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Shadows Under the Banyan Tree

Things made by Becca Rose

I was quite relieved to peel myself out of the car after 8 hours wedged in between a troupe of puppeteers on the hectic roads of Kerala. I was positively delighted to find we had landed in Fort Kochi, a pretty little resort looking out on to the Arabian Sea.


Shortly after plonking my backpack on the sofa and gulping my sweet tea, Pulavar and his son informed me of their gig in Fort Kochi. They had been booked to perform an abridged Ramayana that evening.

We pulled into a large plaza, by the sea and Chinese fishing nets, and swarming with Indian and European tourists. I sat and watched the team set their stage. Efficient and silent.

setting uppinsready to play

A quick walk round the town, a samosa at sunset, a cup of tea, and we headed back to the stage, where  several rows of red plastic chairs had now appeared.  When the sun…

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